With our open electric vehicle (EV) automotive sales and service network we empower Global EV OEMs to access the EU EV Market through one single platform.

We take a small commission and allow the EV OEMs to list their cars with their end customer pricing on the platform, connect them with local sales & service partners 

also taking just a commission and are building the direct bridge between end customers and EV OEMs.





EV OEMs can list their cars on the X-AUTO platform and make them available to EU customers with a few clicks.


EU EV Sales & Service Network

X-AUTO will scale its network to thousands of car service partners across EU to cover every sales region.


OEMs Own Their Price Policy

EV OEMs  set their own prices for customers and the platform & local sales partners take a commission.

Pitch Deck


Amir Sultan Malik Awan, CEO of X-AUTO 

Amir has been working over a decade within the frame of the Awan family business in the international automotive industry with focus on China & Europe. Dropping out of his PhD in Technology Management with focus on Blockchain in automotive and sustainability in 2019, he landed a digital consultant contract with the S&P 500 company PPG, serving 15.000 car service providers in EU, which is executed by his brother the last 3 years. 

Dr. Eric Falk, CTO of X-AUTO, Part-time Professer HEC 

Eric is part-time Adjunct Professor at HEC Liège Luxembourg and has his PhD in Computer Science. He is a  French / German national and father of two.  Venturing into the world of entrepreneurship he founded his company. The core offerings encompass a range of development services. Amongst other he was external tech developer for the blockchain features of an existing car sales platform. 

Thomas Leuchten, Lead Advisor, EU Car Segment Director PPG

Thomas is an Automotive Collision Expert EMEA and has experience as the EMEA Car Segment Director of S&P 500 company PPG. PPG has 15.000 car service providers across EU as customers. He has 30+ years of consulting experience in strategic business development in the EMEA Automotive Aftermarket. A meeting on monetization strategies for car service providers  led to  X-AUTO - the EU car service & sales network. 

Mark Müller-Eberstein, Angel Investor & Strategic Advisor

Mark is a VC Investor & Alliance of Angel Member, the worlds largest and most active Angel Investor group. He is an active entrepreneur, keynote speaker, best-selling author in 12 languages, and has been a digital transformation leader for blockchain, crypto currencies, IoT, AI and cloud computing. Mark is building on his experience in leadership positions at HP and Microsoft.